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At Language is Everything, we’re committed to providing a professional service to all of our customers, and we’re incredibly proud of our dedicated and hardworking team.

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Carolyn Johnson MBE Photograph

Carolyn Johnson MBE

As chief executive of Language is Everything, I support our managing director and leadership team in building, developing and maintaining successful business strategies to ensure that we are forward-thinking, resilient, profitable and that our cherished values are embraced and maintained at all times. My favourite language is French; it is a beautiful language to listen to. My dream place to visit is Australia, and this became a reality when I visited Perth. I fell in love with everything about it and can’t wait to go back.

Lloyd Tidder Photograph

Lloyd Tidder
Managing Director

As Managing Director of Language is Everything, I am responsible for developing and implementing the company’s vision, values, and strategy to ensure its goals are achieved. I seek to create initiatives to take advantage of market opportunities, reduce operational threats, prevent business risks, and maximise core strengths. The language I admire the most is in fact non-spoken; British Sign Language. I find BSL fascinating and would love to learn the basics in the near future. I was lucky enough to visit my dream place back in 2019, spending a month in Australia, where I snorkelled the great barrier reef and explored the wonderful country, starting in Cairns and ending the trip of a lifetime in Melbourne.

Chelsea Myers Photograph

Chelsea Myers
Head of Finance

As Head of Finance, I am responsible for managing the company’s finances and ensuring all suppliers and linguists are paid within the agreed timeframes. My favourite language is Spanish. I would love to learn the language and be able to speak to the people of Mexico. My dream place to visit is Mexico, as the pictures of the beaches look amazing! I also want to have a night at Coco Bongo.

Dunja Radulović Photograph

Dunja Radulović
Finance Assistant

The favourite part of my job is feeling the positive energy from the team, who are always striving to provide the best and most efficient support for our customers and interpreters. Russian is my favourite language. It is similar to my native language, Bosnian, but sounds more soft and tender. I would love to visit Japan, as it has always been a dream of mine to see the cherry blossom.

Reece Hanson Photograph

Reece Hanson
Head of Customer Care

As Head of Customer Care, I work closely with our internal team and customers to ensure that we are delivering the best service possible. Our valued customer service team and I work extremely hard towards our goal of being one of the UK’s top interpreting and translation services. My favourite language is Russian. Working for Language is Everything sparked my interest in learning another language and have been learning, albeit slowly to speak Russian. The one place in the world I would love to visit is Hawaii. The beautiful beaches and tropical climate look incredible.

Anzelika Gzibovska Photograph

Anzelika Gzibovska
Translations Coordinator

As the companies Translations Coordinator, my main duties include managing written translations, meeting targets, recruiting linguists, being responsible for maintaining working relationships with customers on behalf of the company by taking personal responsibility for each customer contact and ensuring that I exceed our customers’ expectations. My favourite language is Cantonese; the language looks and sounds so unique; I’m always fascinated by how the writing looks, it’s like a piece of art. My dream place to visit is Indonesia; this destination looks so beautiful and tranquil.

Rebecca Hamilton Photograph

Rebecca Hamilton
Relationship Coordinator

My job role is to take care of our linguist community, which includes recruitment, mental health checks and ensuring they have all the support they need to be able to continuously provide their fantastic services. My favourite Language is Bosnian, this is my wife’s native language, and I am attempting to learn it. My dream place to visit is Cambodia. I would like to see the natural beauty, immerse myself in the culture and visit the temples and Angkor Wat.

Kier Allwood Photograph

Kier Allwood
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager my role is to ensure the organisation is running as efficiently and effectively as we possibly can; this ranges from producing stats for internal and external purposes, to supporting the team with any issues/difficulties they may find whilst working. My favourite language is Spanish. I would love to learn the language due to how widely spoken it is across the world! Being able to communicate with others in many different countries around the world would be incredible. My dream place to visit is Australia, this is because of the stunning outback and never-ending list of different activities and sightseeing you can do there.

Aimee Flanagan Photograph

Aimee Flanagan
Customer Service Team Leader

As Customer Service Team Leader I provide support and supervision to the telephone interpreting team; ensuring the work of the team is carried out to the highest standards. My favourite language is Spanish as I love the way it sounds. My dream place to visit would be a road trip around America. I think the country has so many beautiful places to see, I couldn’t just pick one place!

Darcie Notarantonio Photograph

Darcie Notarantonio
Customer Service Coordinator

As Customer Service Coordinator, I am responsible for sourcing interpreters for face-to-face, video and telephone interpreting bookings. I make sure all timesheets and confirmations are sent out, and I support the finance team in preparing the bookings ready for invoicing at the end of each month. My favourite language is Italian; it’s a language I have always wanted to learn as I have Italian descendants. My dream place to visit is also Italy; the country is beautiful and has plenty of places to sightsee.

James Headley Photograph

James Headley
Customer Service Coordinator

My role as Customer Service Coordinator is to ensure we are providing the best experience and journey for our customers. I am responsible for overseeing translation requests, face to face interpreting, video interpreting, and telephone interpreting bookings. My favourite language is Spanish because it's spoken in many diverse areas of the world. My dream place to visit is Mexico. Specifically, Mexico City, as it is the oldest city in North America. The country is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world ‘Chichen Itza’.

Rebecca Wilson Photograph

Rebecca Wilson
Customer Service Coordinator

What we do as an organisation is incredibly important because we connect critical and sensitive calls that are essential to our customers and their clients. Without our service, non-English speakers throughout the UK would not receive the help that they need. My favourite language is Italian. It is one of my favourite places to visit and I think the language sounds very friendly. My dream place to visit is Hawaii; the country is so vibrant and full of amazing nature.

Sophie Tidder Photograph

Sophie Tidder
Deputy Customer Service Team Leader

What provides me with the motivation to excel is hearing the gratitude from our interpreters, customers and their clients. Each and every day is different and the job is so rewarding. I will be forever proud that we provide such a vital and potentially life-saving service. My favourite language is Italian, not only is it spoken beautifully but the landscapes and wine are equally as elegant. My dream place to visit is Iceland. I love the cold wintery weather and to see the northern lights would be incredible.

Charlie Morrill Photograph

Charlie Morrill
Customer Service Advisor

Our number one priority is to connect non-English speakers in need to a linguist that can aid, and to do this with efficiency, courtesy & 100% customer care. The working relationship with our interpreters certainly feels more than just that – albeit we don’t work in the same environment, they are just as much a part of our tight knit team as my colleagues at HQ. My favourite spoken language is French, it really is like sweet music to the ears, and after many trips to France I’ve taken away a deeply fond love of the community culture and 2 favourite phrases: “Santé!” & “Je suis bourrée!”. I would love to visit the Andes mountains in Peru some day and give climbing Machu Picchu a whirl!

Emily Fitchett Photograph

Emily Fitchett
Customer Service Advisor

As a part of the Customer Service Team, I interact with a wide variety of professionals from different backgrounds and provide them with an interpreter over the phone so they can speak properly with their client. My favourite language is French, it’s a beautiful sounding language, and I used to go to France a lot when I was younger. I would love to visit Australia in the future, it’s a country full of beautiful sights, with lovely weather too!

Jamie Eggleton Photograph

Jamie Eggleton
Customer Service Advisor

Being part of the Customer Service Team allows me to interact with people of different cultures every day and develop my own people skills. My job is to remove the language barrier that our customers have with their non-English speaking clients and I enjoy being able to connect people who otherwise would not be able to converse freely. I would love to be able to speak French fluently, as a boy I would live in the South of France most Summers and I really enjoyed using a different language. I would also love to visit Norway one day as there are some beautiful serene lakes there and every time I see a picture from Norway I am usually totally blown away.

Joanne Fitchett Photograph

Joanne Fitchett
Customer Service Advisor

As a part of the Customer Service Team, I interact with a wide variety of professionals from different backgrounds and provide them with an interpreter over the phone so they can speak properly with their client. My favourite language is French, it’s a beautiful sounding language, and I used to go to France a lot when I was younger. I would love to visit Australia in the future, it’s a country full of beautiful sights, with lovely weather too!

Jordon Clark Photograph

Jordon Clark
Customer Service Advisor

My role within the Customer Service Team is to help connect a multitude of professionals to interpreters so they can communicate effectively in a way they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s not a service that everyone’s aware of, but it’s an essential one that I’m glad I can help provide. I’d say my favourite language is Greek, it’s one of the first languages I remember hearing that wasn’t English when I was younger, and it’s remained a favourite ever since. A place I’d like to visit is New Zealand, the culture is so rich, and the scenery looks incredible, it’s definitely something I want to experience.

Sophie Merigo Photograph

Sophie Merigo
Customer Service Advisor

As part of the Customer Service Team, I am the voice of the company and the first point of contact for all customers and clients. Maintaining a level of sociability while also maintaining an exceptional standard of professionalism is at the heart of providing the most efficient service I can. My favourite language is Spanish. I have always loved the sound of the language and would love to learn it one day. My dream place to visit is the Maldives. I love being by the beach and the Maldives has really beautiful scenery.

Caitlin Cursons Photograph

Caitlin Cursons
Customer Service Advisor

I like working for Language is Everything as you are able to challenge yourself and learn new skills whilst receiving a wide range of support from within the team. I love providing great customer service and building great relationships with our linguists and customers. My favourite language is Spanish; I love how it is widely spoken throughout the world. My dream place to visit is Bali. I love relaxing holidays and it looks like the perfect destination to do just that.

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